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Getting a quote

In order to get a quote, you can visit any of our stores, please bring with you any samples of the cabinets or tiles or other details that would help you with the selection of the stones. You may also visit us with the layout or a drawing of the kitchen with all the measurements so that the staff can establish the cost of the project promptly, in our show rooms, you will be exposed to the wide selection of natural stones including marble and granite. You will also be provided with free sample to make it easier for you to select the ones that fit in your home.

You can also fax or email the layout with the measurements along with your contact information, and we will provide the quotes, as per your dimensions. It is recommended that you provide us with as much information as possible. Some of the details required include:

  • The layout
  • Measurements
  • Type of natural stone
  • Edge

Personal information such as contact information, job address and other important details that would help in determining the quote for the project. Visit our website to use the Advance estimate tool that will help you in drawing an online layout of your project.

Placing an Order

Before you place an order, it is recommended that the following procedures be complete in the home:

  1. Installation of the cabinets
  2. Placement of all the kitchen appliances in their locations
  3. Placement of the sink on location since we will need to take it to the shop for use as a sink cut out template.
  4. The removal of the old countertops as well as the detachment of the cook tops and sinks before the template is carried out. Our staff does not handle electricity nor plumbing.
  5. After the completion of all the above, you can contact us and we will be visit the next day to carry out the template. You will be provided with all the necessary technical information by our team of installers who will work with you to ensure that all specifications and details are handled with the attention they need. You will need to make a payment of 90% the total cost at the end of the template. The payment should strictly be in cash or certified or personal checks. Credit cards are not accepted.

The final price

The calculation of the final price will be done as per the measurements obtained at the job site. The installers will verify the edge and the stone you have selected and if there are any inconsistencies, you will be required to select the slabs and the parts that you would like in your countertop. Once this is done, we will need you to authorize the fabrication. The whole process will take up to 1 - 2 business days after the confirmation of the final Price.


This is the final step of the process and you will have to make the final payment before we finish the process. The payment, in form of cash or certified check will be required on the installation day so that the project can proceed. After installation, we will seam- if needed and we will attach the sink after the drilling of the faucet holes.