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Unique Advantages........

Varity of colors

Apart from being the top company in fabricating and installing different types of counter tops, we also directly import natural stone. We have a wide selection of slabs in stock featuring more than 40-50 colors, making us one of the leading providers of natural stone in Sri Lanka. We assure our clients that they will encounter no problems when looking for the stone of their choice.

When importing, we ensure that we have the premium and high quality natural stones from quarries that are not only reputable but also renowned. We have our own stocks and this means that we work at higher speed when it comes to the production of high quality countertops.

Other fabricators will stock few slabs and have to send you to other warehouses making you believe they own them yet they are independent. These warehouses make money by selling slabs and thus you will be exposed to higher markups.

With us, there will be not need to go through middle men and therefore you will be given a chance to save a lot of money, while using materials that are high quality. You will not be charged any mark up, because all the materials are available at our own warehouses, and we can start the project as soon as possible, after you have selected the materials you desire. You will be saved from the hassles of working with other fabricators, including the high price up and paying for the slabs that could break en route from the wholesaler.

Superior Quality

We will provide you with the best countertops, thanks to the most advanced fabrication process using the Branded tools and machinery which imports from Italy, Japan , etc…. With this machines, we will not need to carry out the fabrication process manually, thus it will save a lot of time and effort. Additionally, the Low quality fabrication tools process costs a lot of money and requires more labor because it is extremely tedious and slow. Other fabricators resort to dry-cutting in order to save time and this will result to low quality finishes on the stones' edges which produce a bumpy and uneven finish, as well as dull appearance.

With the Latest technology these problems are eliminated. The machinery makes use of water and because a computer controls it, the line of the edge is perfect, while keeping a constant pressure on the stone resulting to a smooth, even and shiny edge.

We assure you that our stones come with premium (“A”Grade) quality, and unlike the commercial grade ones without the feature of uneven colors and pattern distributions, there are no irregularities in the polish. Although the commercial slabs can be used for the countertops, they do not come with the desired appearance because of the uneven distribution of color that can be a challenge to the eyes and can be damaged by unsightly spots.

Varity of Custom designs

We understand that our clients have a variety of design ideas and we will provide them with a chance to customize their countertops to whichever dimension they want, in order to ensure that they are satisfied with their purchase.

The selection of the color of the granite is just one step in the process. Granite comes in a variety of patterns and color in a single batch and we will allow you to make the choice of the slabs as you desire.

After we have completed the templates of the cabinets, you will have the chance to return to our warehouses and choose the parts you desire after you have aligned the templates on the slabs. We will offer a wide variety of edge profiles that you can be use to change the appearance of your countertops. You may select from the beveled edges or from the ogee as well as other traditional designs, as long as it matches your kitchen.

You, as the costumer, have the freedom of selecting from different types of counter tops. With the necessary tools and skills, we will help you transform your kitchen and make your kitchen dream come to. You can also check out the other ideas by looking at our gallery.

Turnaround Time

We do not want our clients to be inconvenienced, with kitchen that does not function, and for this reason; we have set our benchmark turnaround time to 2 days. After we have the template of cabinets, we will install the countertops within one day and we will get rid of and dispose the previous countertops. This turnaround time is unique as most of the other fabricators offer a range of 2 weeks to 2 months. We have worked harder to reduce the time but this does not mean that the quality of the product is compromised. The using branded and up dated machinery has helped us in maintaining the quality of the materials.

Knowledgeable Staff

With regular training by the leading designers, our staff has a keen eye for detail and will answer all your questions and help you in the selection of the patterns and colors that will compliment your home. It does not matter if you have no idea for what you are looking for some because our stuff will provide you with the best ideas for your projects.

The staff will be with you at all times and you will not have to worry about making a selection from the wide color collection. You will not have any hassles as the service is prompt and the atmosphere, unforgettable.

When it comes to installation our team has many years of experience. In our company, they start out as apprentices, learning about the details of the installation techniques of Granite/Marble. After proving that they can handle the installation of the granite countertops, they are provided with a helping crew. This system ensures that all the kitchen countertops/Vanity/Cladding/flooring installations are carried out by professionals who are not only courteous but also have respect for our customers' property.

Our Website

You will be exposed to a website that is at the top of the list in this industry. With the advanced features, you will be able to make the selection of granite slabs with fun and simplicity. On the material selection page, you will view slab photos that are of high quality. You will also be able to check the pattern of the whole slab, or zoom in to view the grains finer details.

You can also take a tour of our 2D virtual showroom without regard to whether you have an idea for the tiles or you are trying to find one that would work for you. With this tool, you will be able to select the kitchen layout that is compatible with yours and then carry out the customization process by trying out with different colors on the different surfaces such as countertops, walls, floors and cabinets. You can also print out the rooms and use them when making your purchase.

You can also have a glimpse at what other customers have achieved, by using the video and photo galleries that contain our completed projects. These galleries are provided in high quality and high resolution.

You can also have a glimpse at what other customers have achieved, by using the video and photo galleries that contain our completed projects. These galleries are provided in high quality and high resolution.

Affordable Price

Our pricing is affordable thanks to the efficiency in management and use of state of art technology. Since we import directly, the savings are reflected on the price just like the savings that result from the use of the latest machinery that helps us in saving resources and time without compromising the high quality of the materials.

This indicates that we do not waste any money in the process, such as servicing and redoing the countertops, since all of them undergo computer screening for quality control. The availability of in house installation team is also helpful in further lowering the cost of labor, making it cheaper as compared to other fabricators who sub contact the projects to other companies.