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Our services

  • Supplying and installing Granites/Marbles

    Granite /Marble need to be installed by skilled workers due to the challenges and precise skills required to install this beautiful craftsmanship finishing. Before starting you need to be careful to avoid damaging other parts of the installing area’s and/or appliances that are installed. It is important to highlight that Granite countertops/Vanity/Claddings are normally custom made hence the importance of having the right measurements and angles before fabricating it. Granite/Marbles are normally fabricated as slab pieces as long as 10 feet length and 6 feet hight, so be prepared to have seam somewhere in the countertop area.

  • Re-cut and Re-polishing
  • Crystallization
  • Powder polishing
  • Chemical washing
  • Edge beveling (Half Nose, Full Nose, and Double Nose)
  • Opening for Sink, Hobe, Tap etc
  • All floor care treatments